Beer and Cider List and Sponsors for 2010

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Botley Botley Mill 3.8 Whiptail Cycles
Botley Old Cooperage 5.0 Shaun Grudgfield
Bowman Elderado 3.5 rayTEC
Bowman South Sea Spice 3.9 Mr Dave McManus & Family
Brakspear Oxford Gold 4.0 Tynemouth Cricket Club
Croglin Gylden Ringer 4.0 Harlow Printing Ltd
Croglin Dark Drover 5.0 Blu Sky Chartered Accountants
Cumbrian Legendary Ales Langdale 4.0 Carney Consultancy
Cumbrian Legendary Ales Grasmoor Dark Ale 4.3 ifa Car Finance
Flack Manor Flack's Drouble Drop 3.7 Truly Madly Deeply
Flowerpots Cheriton Porter 4.2 Tap & Spile, North Shields
Flowerpots Whistle Blower 5.2 NBT
Foxfield Full English Breakfast 5.5 Stratton Valves & Engineering
Foxfield American IPA 5.4 Tony Newman Decorators
Great Gable Waswater Gold 3.9 SMOTTS
Great Gable Yewbarrow 5.5 Howard Insurance
Hardknott Continuum 4.0 Muckle LLP
Hardknott Cool Fusion 4.4 Percy Park RFC
Hardknott Infra Red 6.2 hadaway & hadaway
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5 Mr Vince Howe, Mr Steve Scott and Mr Ray Scott
Hawkshead Lakeland Lager 5.0 Ryecroft Glenton
Hensting Winchester Mild 3.8 Armah Switchgear Limited
Hensting Winchester Porter 4.4 Shaun Grudgfield
Itchen Valley Ginger Tom 3.6 Tynemouth Cricket Club
Itchen Valley Godfathers 3.8 McCallion Physio+Fitness
Itchen Valley One Hop: Cascade 4.5 Mr Ian Beever & Family
Jennings Bitter 3.5 Carr & Co Solicitors
Jennings Lakeland Stunner 3.9 Jennings Brewery
Jennings Cumberland Ale 4.0 Bernard Schulte Ship Management
Jennings Crag Rat 4.3 Jan Forster Estates
Jennings Cockerhoop 4.6 Jan Forster Estates
Jennings Snecklifter 5.1 Jan Forster Estates
Mallinsons Shaw Park Castle 4.3 Potts the print company
Mallinsons Hops Likely 5.4 Mr Andy Donnaghy
Marstons Royal Ryder 3.8 Percy Park RFC
Marstons Pedigree Diamond 4.1 Tynemouth Cricket Club
Marstons Shipyard Independence Pale Ale 4.2 Foster Denovo
Jennings Dark Mild 3.1 Mr Dave McManus & Family
Marstons Pedigree 4.5 Jennings Brewery
Marstons Old Empire 5.7 Potts the print company
Morrells Varsity 4.0 Slaters Electricals Ltd
Northumberland 55 Not Out 4.7 Happy Birthday to Neil Harvey!
Northumberland Cricket Club Special 4.3 Red Wolf
Northumberland Rugby Club Special 7.5 Mr Peter Davison
Ridgeside Summer Daze 4.1 Tynemouth Cricket Club
Ridgeside Golden Ember 4.1 S V Rutter Limited
Ridgeside Black Night 5.0 Jennings Brewery
Ringwood Boondoggle 4.2 Slaters Electricals Ltd
Ringwood Fortyniner 4.9 Manor Road Nursery
Ringwood Old Thumper 5.6 The Protector Group
Saltaire Crystal Red 4.4 Aldermore Invoice Finance
Saltaire Hazelnut Coffee Porter 4.6 Sponsor pulled out
Stringers Dark Country 3.5 Liz Stewarts & Family
Stringers Hop Priest 6.5 hadaway & hadaway
Ulverston Monumentale 3.6 State 4
Ulverston Fra Diavolo 4.3 This could have been you!!
Upham Stakes Ale 4.6 Muckle LLP
Wychwood Wychcraft 3.8 Party Capital
Wychwood Regal Lager 4.0 Tony Newman Decorators
Wychwood Hobgoblin 4.5 Simpson Bros
Cider Producer      
Brimblecombe Medium Dry 6.0


All ciders

and perries




Traditional Masonry


Chucklehead Medium 7.0
Grays Medium 6.0
Green Valley Medium 6.8
Hancocks Medium 6.0
Holders Whisky Barrel 6.5
Malvern Magic Stoke Red 6.0
Meare Farm Porters Perfection 6.0
Ostlers Dry 6.0
Solway Cider Medium 5.3
Swallowfields Haymaker 6.4
Troggi Seidr 6.5
Perry Producer    
Hecks Henre Huffcap 7.0
Holders Malvern Hills 6.0
Malvern Magic Blakeney Red 6.0
Ralphs Badlands 6.0
Ross Medium 6.0
Solway Cider Medium 3.8
Swallowfields Painted Lady 5.5
Troggi Perai 6.0

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